Aklesso Agama          
President / Founder

Tired of turning a blind eye to those in need of hope, Aklesso decided to do something about it. Aklesso is a Biblical Studies major at Liberty University and plans to use his degree to become better equipped to make disciples of all nations. Aklesso also has a passion for music. He travels for shows, frequently performing for free, in exchange for the privilege of sharing the gospel and vision of Mondesir Hope to anyone who is receptive. His goal in music is to be a voice in Hip-Hop that can reach the masses with the gospel, without compromising his passion or sound. For now, he is content with just being appreciated for his work and is currently working on a new album that will help raise funds for Mondesir Hope.


Abraham Parry
Vice President

Abraham wants to bring the hope and light of salvation to the ends of the Earth. Abraham was tired of seeing broken and hopeless people so he decided to do something about it. He is an Exercise Science Pre-Professional major at Liberty University. He has a burning passion for helping people and he intends on using this major to do exactly that. Abe was born in India, where hopelessness and brokenness was everywhere. He had seen and grown up in that hopeless mentality until Jesus came in and gave him the hope of salvation. Abe's desire is that through Mondesir Hope, the Lord can use him to bring the hope of salvation to millions of people across the globe. 


Holly Arey
Secretary / Project Manager

Ready to start making the talk of dreams and desire become reality, Holly is partnering with Mondesir Hope to make an impact for the gospel. Holly is a Mathematics major at Liberty University and plans to use her degree to teach, while sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ. Holly has a passion for helping others, which drives her to serve others in any situation that she can. She works with children year round inspiring them to pursue their dreams and provides them with hope for the future. Holly desires for all people to know Jesus, our Lord and Savior. She will work diligently to be the hands and feet of Christ through Mondesir Hope. 


Spencer Jamison
Managing Director

A native of Colorado, Spencer grew up with two brothers and two sisters who had all been active in sports and the local church. Currently, he is a Biological Psychology major at Liberty University where he has one goal: to help others. After a missions trip to Luarez, Mexico with his brother and father where Spencer was able to help build a home for an underprivileged family and participate in outreach events for local children, a burning desire in Spencer's heart was born to impact youth. Initially, this began with providing financial support to global missionaries and then shifted to working with kids of different cultures locally. Spencer's purpose is to share the love of Christ with all nations, and hopes to accomplish this through Mondesir Hope.


Eliane Zalewski
Chief Technology Officer

Eliane is pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Liberty University, along with a minor in Vocal Performance. Born and raised in northern Virginia, Eliane was able to witness firsthand the powerful impact that the local church could have. Through her involvement in her home church, she began to understand what the local church was supposed to look like: a body of unified believers, each possessing unique spiritual gifts and abilities, coming together to serve one another in love.  She desires for Mondesir Hope's partnerships to better equip it to reach lost people with the Gospel and for her own skills to be used to further the Kingdom of God.