Aklesso Agama          
President / Founder

Tired of turning a blind eye to those in need of hope, Aklesso decided to do something about it. Aklesso is a Biblical Studies major at Liberty University and plans to use his degree to become better equipped to make disciples of all nations. Aklesso also has a passion for music. He travels for shows, frequently performing for free, in exchange for the privilege of sharing the gospel and vision of Mondesir Hope to anyone who is receptive. His goal in music is to be a voice in Hip-Hop that can reach the masses with the gospel, without compromising his passion or sound. For now, he is content with just being appreciated for his work and is currently working on a new album that will help raise funds for Mondesir Hope.


Abraham Parry
Vice President

Abraham wants to bring the hope and light of salvation to the ends of the Earth. Abraham was tired of seeing broken and hopeless people so he decided to do something about it. He is an Exercise Science Pre-Professional major at Liberty University. He has a burning passion for helping people and he intends on using this major to do exactly that. Abe was born in India, where hopelessness and brokenness was everywhere. He had seen and grown up in that hopeless mentality until Jesus came in and gave him the hope of salvation. Abe's desire is that through Mondesir Hope, the Lord can use him to bring the hope of salvation to millions of people across the globe. 


Hannah macleod
Treasurer/Managing director

Hannah is currently a Junior at Liberty University studying Industrial Organizational Psychology.  She plays many roles in Mondesir Hope, but mainly functions as the Treasurer and Managing Director.  She has been involved in Mondesir Hope for a year and a half and has seen the brokeness of Haiti first-hand. Her passion is to see people succeed and motivate them to get there. With the people of Cadelon, Haiti she wants to love them because Christ first loved us. She also wants to see the people of Cadelon have access to the best schools, clinics, and agriculture that they possibly can.


Lindsey banning
Secretary/project manager

Lindsey is currently a Junior at Liberty University majoring in Business Project Management and serving as our secretary and project manager. She is passionate about helping people in any way she can and helping others achieve their goals. She wants to impact people in any way she can through continually serving them and striving to be her best. Lindsey’s desires are to see people’s lives changed and impacted in Cadelon, Haiti through the gospel and hope of Jesus Christ.


emmanuel "enzo" gran
Chief Technology Officer

Enzo is currently a Junior at Liberty University pursuing a degree in Strategic Communication. He is in charge of all creative media at Mondesir Hope, and specializes in music, social Media, film, among other things. He was born in Manila, Philippines and hopes to bring change to his country through the Gospel. He wants people to pursue their dreams no matter what odds they may face. Enzo wants people to see Christ’s love through his art and hopes create positive uplifting content that point people towards the Cross.



Jonathan "JonJon" Saintil
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JonJon is currently working as our ____