This past summer, a few of the core members of the Mondesir Hope team and I went on a trip to Haiti to build relationships with the people we were wanting to serve alongside with.  When we were planning this trip, I personally had zero hesitation about going.  If you knew me, you would know that this was an answer to countless prayers and a “first tangible step” of the crazy God-sized dream that God has placed in my heart to reach the entire world with the gospel. It was without question that I was beyond excited to start this new journey with Jesus, along with the team that He has blessed me with.

As a team, we learned a lot together. This was our first time ever functioning as a team overseas and it was definitely challenging at times because this was new for all of us. However, through the trials, we learned how to work with each other in order to best impact and serve the people of Cadelon, Haiti.  Together, one of the best things that we were able to do was to build relationships with the people within that village. I think that was so important for our future work in Haiti because it shows the people that we care. It shows them that we aren’t just some Americans that are going to come in and do things our way. It shows them that we value their opinions, and most importantly, it shows them that we don’t think that we are better than them. Anyone can go to a village such as this and see the brokenness and just start implementing change. However, I believe that permanent change will come when we value each other and see what the core issue is and come along side with each other, and work together to work on a solution.

Aside from learning about the individual hearts on my team, I recognized a key attribute of God. Love. Relating with the people of Cadelon was a challenge to most of us simply because, we didn’t speak Creole which is their native language. However, one thing that made us relatable to them was rooted in the common ground of love. I’ve come to learn why love is such a universal language and why Christ demands us to love our neighbors. Love casts aside race, color, creed, and economic status. Love awakens hope. It builds faith. It gives life. It brings joy. What blows my mind is that is exactly how Jesus loves us. It doesn’t matter who you are, and it doesn’t matter what you’ve done. His love comes and meets us right in the midst of our failures and our sins; He picks us up and says, “You’re not perfect, and you will never be. But, you don’t have to be. I love you… I love you so much that I died for you.”

-Abraham Parry