This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to serve with our team, Mondesir Hope in Cadelon, Haiti. This was my very first mission trip, so there were a lot of nerves and doubts going through my head going into the week of us leaving. Fears had me thinking that I should just stay home where I would be more comfortable and wouldn’t be pushed out of my comfort box. I did not know what God had for me during this trip, but I did know that this was something that the Lord had for me; therefore, not going on the trip would be disobeying God.

Since this was our first trip to Haiti as a team, it was challenging at times. Learning how to adjust in a different culture that we weren’t familiar with was difficult for all of us. But, I will say that I got to experience one of the most beautiful cultures I’ve ever gotten to be a part of. At first, because my friend Hannah and I were the only two white people in the entire village, some of the villagers were a little stand offish at first. Han and I were helping wash clothes with two young girls from the village and they were a little unsure about us when we first sat down to help wash their clothes. As we continued to wash clothes with both the girls, we asked them questions about their life and things they liked to do. They taught us how they made soap, and were quick to correct us at first if we were washing the clothes wrong. After some time of the two girls getting to know us, they warmed up and became comfortable with us. Their little sister started walking over to where we were sitting on stones washing the clothes and she began crying. Her grandmother came over and comforted her, but since they were speaking Creole, Han and I did not understand what they were both saying. Luckily, Seeka, who speaks both Creole and English translated the young girl Naya’s conversation with her grandmothers. Naya was crying because she was scared of Han and me. Now, you ask "for what reason?" Because we were white people. The grandmother comforted her and said that she had nothing to be afraid of, that we were people too and we were not going to hurt her. I then picked her up and sat her on my lap. I continued washing clothes while she dried off her tears. This showed me such a beautiful thing, we all have fears, we all have differences but we are all united by one thing, and that is that we are all, children of God. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ wanting to be loved and accepted by everyone. The people of Haiti were extremely loving and accepting to our whole team and I was blessed to be able know them.