This summer, I had the privilege of going to Haiti with Mondesir Hope. Being the child of two Haitian immigrants, it was always a dream of mine to visit the land that was home to the culture that shaped who I am today. While in Haiti, there were a number of things I learned and realized about myself and the Lord. The first was that the team behind Mondesir Hope is probably one of the most diverse groups of people I have ever done ministry with. Each person came from a completely different background and operated from a different perspective. At times, this caused confusion and frustration, but there were also times when our differences in personality and methodology helped get things done. Through it all, I learned that in order to have effective teamwork there needs to be diversity. Working with my team reflected the truth found in Romans 12:4 that even though there are different members, each member helps to make the body of Mondesir Hope function. 

         Another thing I was reminded of, is the importance of relying on God when doing ministry. As I mentioned, there were rough times full of tension among our group. Through this, God showed me that in order to do His work, we need to be saturated in prayer. As fallible human beings, the last thing we should do is think we could accomplish anything apart from the working of the Holy Spirit. As a team, I want Mondesir Hope to first and foremost be a gospel-centered body. Any future desires and plans we have for Haiti can not and should not start if the gospel is not foundational in our lives.

I want to see a change in the people of Haiti.
I want them to see that they are valued, from the child in the orphanage to the homeless man on the streets. 
I want to see the people of Haiti be able to cultivate their resources and learn how to thrive as a people. 
Most importantly, I want there to be a change in the hearts of the people in Haiti.
I want to see the gospel preached and people come to faith in Jesus.