Between holidays and get-togethers, enjoyed by people of all ages, food is often a common denominator.

For Mondesir Hope, food is the starting point for ministry we aim to do in Lynchburg. At Mondesir Hope, our vision is to help those far away, in Haiti, but also to be ministers of hope here, to those near us.

Every week, as we go to the midtown and downtown area for our Saturday Sandwiches ministry, we hope that by handing out free food — sandwiches — to the people of Lynchburg we’re showing how much we care about people, and we hope we’re a reflection of God’s provision.

Every time we go out, we want to have fun and have conversations about life, and we want to point people to Christ, his love and his hope.

As we hand out sandwiches, we’ll work to connect people — whether they’re kids or adults, toddlers or teenagers — to local churches and groups that can continue to proclaim God’s word. And we hope our Saturday Sandwiches give us the opportunity to follow God’s plan of discipleship and mentorship.

Specifically, we point people to Hill City Church and pastor James Hobson on Memorial Avenue, and we connect youth to Unchained youth group and pastor Tyler Cash, of One Community Church on Kemper Street.

Our first few trips gave us a chance to both provide physical nourishment and to let God use us to offer spiritual nourishment.

We can’t wait to hand out more sandwiches and meet even more people.

Additionally, on some Saturdays, we’ll partner with other organizations in Lynchburg, such as Habitat for Humanity, to do service projects or outreach events.

If you’re interested in helping us purchase ingredients used in our sandwiches or donating toward our Saturday projects, click the "DONATE" button at the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to join us on Saturdays, email!

If you’re a Liberty student, we can also help you earn Christian service (CSER) credit, but the deadline is coming up! Follow the directions below to get signed up.

To learn more about Mondesir Hope, follow us on social media, and help us bring hope to people in Lynchburg and around the world.


Liberty University CSER registration directions:

1. Go to your A.S.I.S.T in your Liberty portal

2. Click the “Registration” link and assign the “Registration Term”

3. Go to “Christian Service”

4. Click “CSER Registration Form for Resident Students”

5. Login with your information

6. Sign up as a “CSER 399 - Special Project”

7. Fill in personal responsibilities as “evangelizing and serving the community”

7. Go to State “VA” and select “Mondesir Hope Foundation” and Supervisor “Aklesso Agama”

8. Sign your name and wait to get approved